Deep-fried goodness

So one of our friends gave us a brand new deep fryer after he got a new one for his wedding. Since then, it’s been stored away in an obscure high cabinet in our place for almost 9 months, I believe, mainly because of fear of the unknown territory of dipping things in hot oil. But alas, we mustered up the courage to whip it out and ended up going a little crazy for two days. Here are just SOME of the things that we deep-fried…

jalapeno poppers&macncheese potato balls

jalapeno poppers that were REALLY spicy & mac&cheese mashed potato balls.

mac&cheese potato balls

the mac&cheese wasn’t cheesy enough to stick together by itself, so we decided to mix it with some mashed potatoes. Good decision. 

avocado fries

Avocado fries! I’ve been wanting to do this for forever. They were pretty good, but avocado by itself is a little strong. I think next time I’ll season it a little more and maybe add some other stuff (like in avocado eggrolls).

spam musubi

And for the grand finale….deep-fried SPAM MUSUBI. We only had the heart to do one of these. It was surprisingly really good…

spam musubi2

In case that wasn’t enough for you..here’s a close up. That red stuff is sriracha. Viv thought that it would add an artistic touch…

spam musubi3

Cheers! It actually kind of tasted like a crunchy roll..but with spam. 🙂 

We ended up making a list of all the things that we had fried and had yet to fry…

fry list

But at the end of the day…we all agreed that we were all deep-fried-out for a while and would not be doing this again any time soon…

– CP


Burrrgers: Hodad’s Review

For a while now, my co-workers have been making it seem like a sin to have not gone to Hodad’s yet after being in SD for almost 3 years. They vowed to plan a Peet’s trip (btw I work at Peet’s Coffee & Tea on UCSD campus) so that I could experience the wonders of Hodad’s bacon cheeseburger. But before we got around to that expedition, while exploring the Ocean Beach farmer’s market (which is super fun and also full of lots of delicious food btw), we discovered that Hodad’s was right around the corner, and proceeded to wait in line for 20-30 minutes in a rapidly growing line just to get inside.

hodads sign


“Frings” or aka fries & onion rings. One order was way more than enough for the 4 of us. They were really good…especially after our failed attempts at making onion rings during our deep-frying extravaganza. And probably also because of our weekend full of various deep-fried things, we ended up taking most of these to-go…

bacon cheese burger

Ah yes and the long awaited bacon cheeseburger. It was indeed humongous, as my mouth couldn’t open wide enough to take a bite from top to bottom. It was mainly because it was packed with veggies though since the actual meat patty was pretty thin. The bun was toasted well, adding some texture to it, and it was also wrapped very nicely so that it was easy to handle.

Okay so…I’ll admit that it was good and not too badly priced, but (pleasedontcallmeahereticifyoulovehodadstodeath) I honestly was not too impressed. Mainly because the patty was pretty thin and not really very juicy at all. I personally would prefer In-N-Out for the quality and the price. 

So far, I believe one of the best, (perhaps even THE best) burger I’ve had has been at Burger Lounge. 

burger lounge

I like my meat medium or medium-rare (if i trust the meat), and it was cooked perfectly and ridiculously juicy. They didn’t even ask me how I wanted my meat cooked at Hodad’s either. Burger Lounge is bit pricier than Hodad’s and has smaller burgers, but it’s soooo worth it. 

Anyway, for all you Hodad’s lovers out there..please don’t stone me…

– CP


Road Trip Pit Stop: Katy’s Korner

I took a road trip to NorCal with a few friends this weekend after finals let out. This road trip was not a strong compliment to the health disaster of finals that happened the week before (sleep when convenient, drink caffeine, eat whatever). We probably stopped for Carl’s Jr. one too many times for an apple a day to ever remedy, though I did buy a bag of oranges to relieve my conscience…

Despite too many visits to Uncle Carl, we did stop by a wonderful brunch restaurant in San Ramon called Katy’s Korner. On the outside, it was just like the rest of the stores in the strip mall, painted a passive shade of light blue on wood panelling. However, once inside I found myself in a cozy world of warm lighting, wall frames, and wooden furniture. 


I ordered an Icelandic Salmon Eggs Benedict, which had a delicate combination of flavors with the smoked salmon, spinach, egg and hollandaise sauce. It also came with a hefty side of potatoes that worked to insure that you would walk out with a food coma.


This was their Chicken Joe’s Special, a chicken and egg scramble. A little mild in the flavoring in comparison to my salmon, but not bad if you can appreciate subtler flavors.


Santa Fe Eggs Benedict


Overall, the food was pretty good, though the large portions meant that we were taking  about half of our meals to go. The four dollar orange juice was slightly painful to my wallet, but it was an overall enjoyable experience.