Guinness Cupcakes

guiness cupcakes

Made with Guiness Double Stout, topped with Mascarpone Whipped cream frosting.

– CP


Road Trip Munchies (Part 1.5): Portland Alchy

Alright, I personally expected to drink a lot more in Portland than we did, but we actually kept it pretty minimal. Went to Deschutes “public house” brewery for dinner the first night. We got the beer sampler with 6 different beers.


Thanks to our wonderful beer-snob friend, Becca, we were educated enough in beer-ology to taste the beers in increasing order of IBU’s. AKA, we tasted the beers from least hoppy to most hoppy. This way, our palates wouldn’t be overwhelmed with hoppiness in the beginning and we would still be able to taste each following beer.

I personally favored the Hop Henge and Rise IPA (yes, I’m an IPA girl). Hop Henge had a very fruity aroma and taste to it alongside with some hefty hoppiness. Rise IPA was much less hoppy and had a strong caramel aroma and taste to it with a good body. The Human Sacrifice Imperial Stout (brewed in honor of the Mayan end of the world) was also quite good, but I’m not much of a stout drinker so just a couple sips was good enough for me. We ended up getting a huge growler of it though to bring home to Becca, who thoroughly appreciated it.

We also got some of their food at the brewery, including an Obsidian Stout mac & cheese, pear & goat cheese pizza (our fav) and a salad with hoppy dressing. ALl of it VERY good, and obviously delicious when paired with the beer.

The next morning, while we were actually waiting an hour and a half for our table at Tasty N Sons (see next post!), we went next door to get oyster shots!


(Photo credit to Freddierick John Photography :])

Okay, it honestly wasn’t our intention to drink at 11am, but it happened. In my defense, I thought their “oyster shots” were going to consist of a raw oyster drizzled with some sauce that contained a tad bit of alcohol…I didn’t know it was literally a shot of alcohol with an oyster at the bottom. I’m not alcoholic, I promise.

Either way, it was quite an experience. I chose the shot with chili infused bourbon with lemon. Others got shots with chili-infused vodka or tequila. It was savory and pretty spicy, but also a little confusing…we weren’t sure whether to chew the oysters or just swallow them whole. That’s okay though–they made for a YOLO moment on our trip haha.

Stay tuned for part 2 🙂

– CP


Happy birthday to…ME

caribbean food

Caribbean food at Coconuts for my 21st birthday! We ordered the 6-hour braised ox tail, curried goat, bbq short ribs, jerk chicken wings, sweet potato fries, mac & cheese, brown rice, and of course…some drinks! Everything was super tender, juicy, and full of flavor. Majorly comfort food. 


Went to Maggiano’s afterwards for dessert and some more drinks. But sadly, I didn’t get carded both times. Oh well…I got a pomegranate-cranberry cocktail, and my sis got a peach bellini. My personal favorite of the night, however, was……

chocolate zuccotto cake

the Chocolate Zuccotto cake! So much dark chocolaty goodness in every bite…mmmm……

And that was last night. And yes, I do remember everything, and no, I did not throw up 🙂

– CP