Mango sticky rice

mango sticky rice

Home-made with coconut milk and love.

I just googled a couple recipes to get the jist. Didn’t end up soaking my sweet rice for very long at all, perhaps less than an hour, and it turned out just fine. After fully cooking the rice with water in a rice cooker, I boiled 1/2 of a can of coconut milk with a tbsp of sugar and a pinch of salt, and mixed it into the rice. For the coconut sauce on top, I boiled the rest of the coconut milk with a couple tbsp of sugar (to taste), another pinch of salt, and about a tbsp of cornstarch (premixed with about 2 tbsp of water). Let it thicken, drizzle over your mangoes and rice, and top with some sesame seeds! Tasted just like the kind you would get at a Thai restaurant 🙂

– CP



This post has been sitting in the draft box and forgotten for a couple of weeks…but at last! Just some of the deliciousness from K-Town during spring break.


Gamjatang, aka pork & potato stew. Hearty, rich, and wonderful..

pork ribs

BBQ pork ribs

shaved ice

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Over 8-cups (or half a gallon) of strawberry shaved ice. Well actually, it was like 5 cups of actual shaved ice with strawberry syrup topped with like 5 cups of strawberry ice cream, all topped with mochi, fruit, and condensed milk. All of this between just me, Sam, and Jullie…after eating a full dinner. Crazy? I believe so…but we barely killed half. 

Even though we were only there for less than 1 1/2 days, I’m pretty sure I came back bearing a little extra chubs…

– CP