Guinness Cupcakes

guiness cupcakes

Made with Guiness Double Stout, topped with Mascarpone Whipped cream frosting.

– CP


Jasmine Tea Cupcakes

jasmine cupcakes

Jasmine tea cupcakes with jasmine whipped cream-cream cheese frosting! They aren’t as jasmine-y as I had wanted them to be, and the cake was a little dense, ( may have over-mixed the batter) but delicious nonetheless.

Made these by finding a simple white/vanilla cake recipe, and steeping the milk with 2 jasmine tea bags and cooling it before mixing in the batter. The frosting was made by steeping heavy whipping cream with a jasmine tea bag, cooling it, and whipping it up with some sugar. You then fold the jasmine whipped cream into a cream cheese frosting (1/2 stick butter, 8 oz cream cheese, about 1/4-1/2 cup sugar).

Will definitely be trying these out again, hopefully with a better/lighter cake consistency!

– CP


A baby shower fit for a princess

As I mentioned a couple posts back, my sister is pregnant with a baby girl! We had the baby shower this past Thanksgiving weekend, and man, even though I was supposed to “host” it, my sister did an amazing job. This post makes me feel like I’m posting on Pinterest or Dwelling Gawker rather than on a food blog, but I figured ya’ll would appreciate it anyhow.

Honestly, all I did in this case was make those finger sandwiches on the ends (egg salad on left and cucumber on right. Super simple recipe for cucumber sandwiches below!) Everything else was brought to you by my sister…


Red Velvet cupcakes from a Trader Joe’s mix, but she subbed in vanilla yogurt and a bit of oil for half the eggs. For future reference, each egg produces about 3 oz of liquid, so you can sub in about 2-4 oz of yogurt + 1 tsp of oil for every egg! The cupcakes actually came out super light and fluffy. We topped them with some home-made whipped cream-cream cheese frosting, which is basically cream cheese frosting (cream cheese, butter, and sugar) with whipped cream folded in. We usually like to use this as a frosting rather than just cream cheese frosting because it’s much lighter. redvelvet cupcakes

Are these cute or what…baby donuts from Krispy Kreme in cupcake papers.babydonuts

Paper straws! She literally had enough drinks for like a bottle a person…haha. drinksandstraws

Okay this isn’t food, but isn’t it cute? My niece is going to have one bomb nursery…nursery frame

Alright, as promised, this is still a foodblog, so here is a super simple but amazing recipe for cucumber sandwiches. It’s perfect for a tea party or as finger food for any quaint gathering. 🙂

Cucumber Sandwiches Recipe

1 Loaf of sliced white bread (I guess you could use other bread if you want to be healthier, but…let’s be real…white bread just tastes so good)

1 large cucumber sliced into very thin rounds

Cream Cheese

A bunch of mint leaves

1. Lay out a couple slices of bread and spread a thin layer of cream cheese over each one.

2. Lay out the thinly sliced cucumbers onto half of the bread slices, overlapping slightly.

3. Lay out a layer of the mint leaves across the cucumbers, and put the other half of the cream-cheesed bread slices on top.

4. Stack the sandwiches on top of one another, and using a bread knife, carefully slice off the crusts. Slice them into quarters, either triangles or rectangles/squares.

This is by far my favorite type of cucumber sandwiches. I’ve made them before with garlic butter as well, which taste good too, but these taste much more refreshing. Enjoy!

– CP



Pubcakes is the perfect marriage between two of my loves: beer and cupcakes. Becca (who was interviewed in a previous foodcult post at Cafe Calabria) found this place by watching their “Sh*t beer geeks say” video.  It’s cute little bakery & cafe started up by a bunch of beer geeks who love to bake. They came up with the ingenious idea of making cupcakes with BEER! pubcakes

The one on the left is the “Super Pretzel”, which consists of a chocolate cake made from a Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout, peanut butter, buttercream and a chocolate shell. The one on the right is the “Stoned Portzilla” which is baked with a Stone Smoked Porter, coffee ganache, and caramelized coconut on top. The Super Preztel was a little sweet for me, but my friend who loves peanut butter loved it. The Stoned Portzilla, however, seemed to be everyone’s favorite. I’m not usually a huge fan of coconut shavings, but the caramelized coconut top on this one was so good, adding a great texture to it. On top of that, the cake was super moist. I couldn’t particularly taste the beer that much, since I’ve never had the Stone Smoked Porter before, but Becca, with her refined beer snob pallet, picked up on a lot of the flavors from the beer. At $3.50 a cupcake, this place, without question, beats Sprinkles cupcakes anyday. 

– CP