Beef Wellington

Inspired by watching Hell’s Kitchen, Viv and I set out to make Gordon Ramsey’s signature dish (with his recipe). I am pleased to share with you of our success, and Chef Ramsey himself would have been quite proud. Look at it..it’s beautiful…

beef wellington

I wish I could have taken a good shot of the perfectly pink interior but alas…my horrendous kitchen lighting did not allow me to do so.


Thanksgiving Gluttony 2012

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I posted on my last Thanksgiving meal. This year was pretty much just as intense…

With my sister being very very pregnant (I’m having a niece!!), you would expect her to take a backseat in the Thanksgiving prep this year, but with her being the crazy fancy lady she is, that was not the case. Okay, we did do it semi-homemade-style with instant mashed potatoes, stuffing, biscuits from the can, and Grand Perisian salad mix from Costco, but she went all out with the table setting as usual…


She hand-made all the name cards and used her wedding napkin rings. 


Here’s our feast in a nutshell. First we had our Peking duck, (from the store but de-boned); the legit way to do it is to wrap the duck meat in those steamed buns along with some thinly sliced green onions (brought to you by yours truly…took  a lifetime) and some hoison sauce. The top middle is baked yams with fresh-baked biscuits from Trader Joe’s (SO GOOD). The top right is the grand parisian salad fancified with some fresh anjou pear. In the middle row we have our home-made BBQ pork ribs, sliced rib-eye steak, and roasted butternut squash. And finally in the last row we have roasted asparagus, cornbread stuffing, and mashed potatoes.


My plate…Although the mashed potatoes were out of the box, we roasted some garlic with olive oil, mashed it up, and mixed it in with it giving the whole thing an amazingly garlicky flavor. 

And of course, there was dessert: pumpkin pie and lemon meringue pie. I didn’t get shots of those, but I did get a shot of my other dessert…


Home-made Irish Coffee! My brother-in-law has been obsessed with this since they went to the Buena Vista in SF with amazing Irish Coffee. He loved it so much, they bought these fancy glass mugs just to make it. It’s super simple but delicious. Here’s the recipe they used:

Irish Coffee Recipe

1 small packet of sugar in the raw

Hot coffee

About half a shot of whiskey or to personal preference (They used Johnny Walker Double Black, which is pretty smokey. If you don’t like that flavor, then regular Johnny Walker Black or some other type of scotch would be great too.)

Cold whipped cream on top

I think Buena Vista adds 2 white sugar cubes instead of the sugar in the raw, but my sister thought it would be “healthier” with the substitute. We also found that the whipped cream is best if you don’t whip it until it’s super stiff, but a little creamy. That way it is kind of easier to drink with the coffee as it remains on top. 

Well, that was my Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoyed your time with family & friends and eating your hearts out 🙂

– CP


Beer-marinated steak and kale with Sam. We used Guiness black lager for the marinade with lemon juice, caramelized onions, garlic, brown sugar and olive oil along with a salt and pepper rub. Baked @ 500 degrees in the oven for about 6-7 min each side and it came out perfectly medium rare. Enjoyed this meal with the rest of our Guiness. One of the manliest meals ever. It was just missing some mashed potatoes and a violent action movie 😉 Next time… -CP


Two loves: Coffee & Sichuanese food

Checked out a new cafe, Bitter+Sweet today with Emmanuel and Helena. I was drawn in by all the pictures on Yelp of latte art and pretty desserts. 

bitter&sweet latte

This was my latte. I must say they’re pretty legit here. Fresh ground espresso beans, hand pressed espresso shots, and beautiful latte art on every drink. The latte itself was very smooth, and I didn’t want to add any sugar or anything to take away from the flavor. I also got this crispy brioche thing that was pretty good. Not super amazing but it was similar to what you could get at any Asian bakery. All in all, I’m glad this place opened up 5 minutes from my home 🙂

At night, I went to dinner with my family and a family friend at Hunan Gourmet in Sunnyvale. I haven’t had real Sichuanese food in such a long time, so although the restaurant wasn’t super amazing, it tasted sooo good.


Nian fen, a type of cold noodle made from green bean powder…sitting in red chili oil. My sister ate practically the whole thing


I think this is called mao shue wang or something. Basically, it’s coagulated pork blood with a lot of red chilis in a soup thing. Sounds disgusting and looks frightening but so good. Pork blood is definitely one of my guilty pleasures…(yes i did just say that)


Sichuan style Dan Dan Mien noodles. Usually it’s dry but they served it in a kind of broth which was still pretty good. 

That’s all for today. Glad I got to have all this before I went back to the land where real Chinese food doesn’t exist.

– CP


Thanksgiving Gluttony

Had Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s new place today and here are just a few of the delicious things that I ate way too much of tonight…

stuffed mushrooms

our appetizer, stuffed mushrooms…not home-made…bought from costco, but i must say still so yummy. and i’m not the hugest fan of mushrooms either.

butternut squash soup

Butternut Squash soup made by my sister-in-law, Christine. She let us drizzle our own yogurt on top in a design of our choice. This is my bowl…and not to brag, but my yogurt turned out the prettiest ;] Apparently it was so much work that Christine is never going to make it again..which is a shame because it was gooood. 

steak & duck

Now, a real Thanksgiving dinner (in my family at least) has not just turkey, but steak and duck as well. We broiled the steak (top sirloin) in our oven for about 5 min each side with nothing but a bit of steak seasoning. Turned out perfectly medium…although I prefer it to be medium-rare :] The duck…we bought from some Asian market.

thanksgiving plate

My packed plate with pretty much everything. Mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread stuffing, mac & cheese, cranberry sauce, parisian salad with fresh mango and Asian pear, oven roasted asparagus, steak, turkey, Beijing-style wrapped duck, and, of course, a crescent rolls. We also had some corn bread but we forgot about it in the oven..and it turned out a bit overcooked for our liking…aka we burned it.


Dessert! This picture really doesn’t do my sister’s trifle justice. It was layers of chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, fresh rasberries, and whipped cream, with some shots of espresso. Sooo yummy.

pumpkin pie

Also in my family, we never have just one dessert. Home-made pumpkin pie (also by my sister). We had all this with some home-made eggnog lattes too!

As you can probably guess from all the pictures…I ate to my heart’s content….and then I ate some more. And now it’s 11:41pm and I am still full and will not be sleeping anytime soon. Goodnight friends. 

~ CP