Snooze, an AM Eatery

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a new local brunch place called Snooz. It’s decor feels like a modern interpretation of a retro diner right here in sunny San Diego.


After hearing one of my friends rave how great their pot pie was, I decided to order it. It was definitely not what I expected to get out of a pot pie… in the best possible way.


The crust was incredibly light and flaky, unlike the typical heavier doughs you find in other types of pot pie. Meanwhile, the flavor in the dish itself was rich, with subtle spices that added complexity to my dish in a way that I usually don’t find with brunch foods. My tastebuds wanted to cry tears of joy.


I also ordered a (very large) chocolate and peanut butter pancake. Unfortunatley, it turned out to be very sweet and frankly… a little overwhelming. BUT my love for both chocolate and peanut butter carried me through bite after bite. Admittedly though, I couldn’t finish the entire thing, especially after the pot pie.

All in all, I really enjoyed my experience here. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the San Diego area who is looking for a good place for brunch (did I mention that it is incredibly dog-friendly?)

Snooz, I’ll be seeing you again soon! Yum!



Burger Minimalism

While living in Cairo, it became something of a small ritual for my roommate and I to eat at a different burger joint every time we had dinner together. We were recommended by a friend to come to El Lido, which was in its soft launch during our visit. I would describe this place as a burger bar because rather than sitting down, you stand and eat your food at the counter. 

Their burgers are inexpensive and simple. Because the focal point of their burger is on the flavor of the patty itself, the burger doesn’t come with any additional ingredients besides the bun and your choice of ketchup or tahina spread.

Burger minimalism indeed. 

Instead of the typical french fry, they cut their potatoes up into ovals to produce something like a thick potato chip. 

Verdict? Highly recommended. This place does simple and minimal without any loss of flavor. 



Hello dear foodcult followers,

Please accept my sincere apology for abandoning this blog for the past couple of months. I did not intend to deprive the world of tantalizing shots of delicious morsels, nor did I desire to bring the endless midnight temptations to a hiatus. But alas, let’s leave the past behind and move on to the bright and hopeful future of reaching even greater foodcult glory. 

Now, moving on to my first post in a while…

A week or so ago, some friends and I made the long trek to La Mesa to enjoy some authentic Croatian & Russian food at The Village House Kalina. It had a pretty homey atmosphere, with the interior feeling like a small Russian/Croatian cottagenot that I know what one actually looks like of course, but according to my imagination it did. We were all pretty lost looking at the menu, as none of us had any idea what “Krasniy Lobio” or “Golubtzi” were. Thankfully, our friend John majored in Russian/Soviet studies and studied abroad in Russia for a semester, and was somewhat familiar with many of the menu items. 

A friend and I split the “Chakhokbili”, which, according to the menu, is a “Georgian style chicken casserole” consisting of a “large piece of chicken simmered with onions, tomatoes, basil, mint, fresh herbs, and aromatic spices”. As you can see from the picture below, it was pretty intense-looking, and served with a size of mashed potatoes and some fresh tomato slices and cucumbers. 

village house kalina

It not only looked amazing, it was packed full of flavor. It was SUPER tender, falling apart as we cut into it. All of the different spices came together very nicely, but it was just a tiny bit too salty. However, the mashed potatoes and the raw veggies helped to cut against that. In the end, we were all pretty satisfied our sacrifice of precious gas to come to this place. Whether we will be going back soon…perhaps if we get some intense Russian/Croatian cravings or need to entertain some international students from the area 🙂

– CP