Foodcult Business Trips: Portland Again?!

Some of you may remember Catherine’s roadtrip to Portland earlier this year, warranting a slew of epic blog posts. Since then, I think it has been decided that all of our travels have become informal Foodcult business trips. So, going back to school for spring semester, I took a road trip to Seattle to do my share of the “business”. Our road trip lasted for ten days, starting in San Diego, stopping a few cities on our way to Seattle, and then back down the Oregon Coast to California. You can say it was a trip of epic proportions… but that might be an understatement.

After spending a few days with friends in Northern California, we made our first stop in Portland, Oregon. (Warning: A few of the places that we happened by in Portland have already been mentioned in some of Catherine’s posts, but nonetheless, I promise it will feel like a completely different experience.)

I’m still waiting for Canon to develop technology to capture smells for the full effect, and then maybe we can partner with Willy Wonka so you can reach into the screen and just grab the food.

Until then, feast with your eyes my friends.

After hearing the amazing reviews for Tasty n’ Sons, it became an obligatory destination on our trip. We were seated along the front window— a slim fit, but any seat in the house was a coveted one. The food was excellent, as expected and made for a great start to our day.

image image portland1

Erin’s Sweet Biscuits.


Burmese red pork stew


Potatoes Barava

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

During our visit to Stumptown, I experienced something of a coffee revelation, converting me instantly into drinking my coffee black. Previously, I made no differentiation between different types of coffees, coming more from the tea scene myself (you know, I’ve got something of a ancestral background in tea being Asian), but Stumptown changed things. The Hair Bender roast was amazing — a medium roast that had a chocolatey and rich flavor. I felt that a veil had been lifted from my eyes, tasting for the first time the complexity of flavor and depth in coffee. Thank you Jesus. One of my greatest regrets was choosing not to buy Stumptown coffee beans.




Screen Door: Soul Food

Nestled in a quaint neighborhood, Screen Door already held a small line by the time we arrived for its opening at around 5pm. We found ourselves both excited and ravenously hungry for the comfort that soul food promised to our empty bellies. How was the food? See for yourselves…

image image

image image

My Rye Ale.


Low Country Shrimp and Grits


Fried Chicken

portland6 portland7

Screen Door Plate: Mac n’ Cheese, Roasted Beet Salad, Jambalaya, and Corn Bread. Yum.

My Screen Door advice to you? Order the Screen Door plate. It is a great way to get a taste of several dishes on the menu at once. Personally, I felt like having an entire order of a certain dishes might have been overwhelming, and having instead balanced portions of a variety of different tastes really helped to balance things out.


Thus ended our brief stop in Portland, whom I found to be a kind and faithful friend — one who spared us from the agony of taxes and left us with warmed hearts and happy bellies. Thanks Portland, you were great.


Road Trip Munchies: Portland (Part 1)

It has been a long-time dream of mine to go on a road trip with friends–as my frequent drives commuting San Jose and San Diego don’t quite satisfy that desire. This past winter break, I FINALLY had such a privilege to do so all the way to the hipster-haven of Portland, OR! Over a course of 7 days, we drove from San Jose to Sac to Redding to Portland, then back down to Gold Beach, OR via the gorgeous coastal route of the 101, and finally back to San Jose. Thus, here’s some snippets of our food adventures throughout Portlandia.

here we go!

Portland is known for having a plethora of foodtrucks/carts. They rest in little “pods” throughout the city, and each pod can vary in size. The first one we visited was one of the bigger ones, taking up the edges of a decently sized parking lot. They had everything from Indian to Mediterranean to German food, as well as a huge variety in Asian food including Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Unfortunately, most of the carts/trucks were closed since it was New Years eve, but I ended up coming to this quaint little sheish kabob one and grabbing some lamb shawarma.



The wrap was pretty good, not very oily at all and the meat was tender. The lamb was a little too gamey for my tastes and I could have used a tad less lettuce. If I go back to Portland again, next time it won’t be a holiday, and my mission will be to try as many of these food trucks as possible.

Our next stop was the famous Stumptown Coffee Roasters!


I do love coffee, but since I can’t really handle caffeine, I don’t drink it a whole lot unless I get decaf. Thus, my palate for coffee still needs some developing. BUT, man this coffee was good..haha. I ordered a decaf cappuccino, and ok, you can take a moment to admire the pretty latte art…


Quite nice isn’t it? Yes, anyway…it was so smooth and consistent. Not bitter at all, with a nice caramel-y rich and slightly sweet flavor. Yums..

There are so many Stumptowns in Portland, and I was pretty confused when I was looking on yelp for other good coffee shops in the area and found that ALL of them had 4-5 stars. I wasn’t sure if Portland yelpers were just extremely generous with their star-giving, or if crappy coffee just didn’t exist in Portland. I soon found that practically every coffee shop and/or restaurant serves Stumptown coffee since it’s so accessible and of such good quality and taste…thus..you can’t really go wrong.

This concludes part 1 of our Portland yummies 🙂

– CP